About Jatafarta


JATAFARTA is a studio/workshop that opened in 1998 in Galicia and is now located in Santiago de Compostela. The studio works in the production and research of leather objects, particularly complements and ornamental pieces integrating other materials. In keeping with the notion of laboratory, it works with the study and implementation of different artisan techniques, combined with newer material technologies and the basic possibilities inherent in shapes—striving towards a balance between the practical and conceptual, while linking use value to artistic values. JATAFARTA optimizes and adapts resources to create sustainable and responsible work. Creativity, quality and contemporary adaptation are the project’s core values.

The workshop also develops commercial/business and direct sale activities. JATAFARTA often travels to craft fairs and exhibitions, not only in Galicia but abroad as well. Cities such as Stockholm, Milan, London or countries such as Germany are some of our current destinations.

Our pieces have been shown in expositions and in the Antón Fraguas contest, where the set of mirrors entitled “Celia” has been selected as a finalist in the contemporary artisanship section.

Nowadays, JATAFARTA can be found in small shops, because of our belief in “a job well done” (and the realities of commuter distribution), and via its website, as a way to reach people from all over the world. Currently, the studio is recognized by the General Register of  Artesanía de Galicia and uses the brand Artesanía de Galicia, a guild of professionals.


The choice of materials is of utmost importance in the creation of objects because we play with the formal limits of both pieces and materials, adapting them according to their functionality and essence. We use the finest quality raw materials, vegetable-tanned leather from natural tannins made with traditional craft processes. This type of raw leather thus becomes a long-lasting material that respects the environment.